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Doughnut Cities within a History of Urban Design

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29 march 2022
Doughnut Economics marks a significant departure from economic thinking – but what about the history of urban design?

The past is full of circular ideal cities, many holding problematic legacies. Is the Doughnut a part of this tradition? Can these plans and their logics help to clarify any possible pitfalls and presumptions the Doughnut should avoid? Can this tradition help us to understand why the Doughnut and its visual narrative have been received so well?

Join Sofia Greaves and Patrick Léon Groß on a shared exploration through the past, present, and future of circular design models in urban planning. Our aim is to provide a touchstone for further discussion between historians, urban planners, economists, and interested folks in order to explore the intersections between doughnut cities, circular models, and planning justice.

Amongst other things, your insight and participation will contribute to a scientific publication on the topic. All are welcome!