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Doughnut Economics in Action: How Can True Smart Cities Use the Doughnut and its Data to Thrive in Balance?

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2 June 2022 A Session with Donut Berlin’s Co-Initiator Nicole Hartmann at the Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2022.

Many municipalities worldwide have started using a new strategic compass to guide their development: the Doughnut. Conceived by Oxford renegade economist Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics offers a holistic model for sustainable development that combines the concept of planetary boundaries (i.e. environmental wellbeing) with that of social boundaries (i.e. human wellbeing) to create a measurable “safe operating space for humanity.”

In this session, leading practitioners involved in implementing the Doughnut model at a city and local municipality level will share their experiences. How can the Doughnut help municipalities to become true Smart Cities? How can Smart City data be included in the Doughnut? How does the Doughnut activate a more participatory culture between bureaucrats and citizens? https://creativebureaucracy.org/de/event/smart-cities-doughnut-and-its-data/